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Still here, it’s a great life….. Bear

It’s been so long since I have posted here. This is an incredible morning this past weekend at Kalaupapa. Molokai is such an amazingly beautiful island, and it keeps showing me this again and again. More posts to follow.

Beautiful healing moments

I’m off tomorrow for knee replacement surgery. Most everything caught up in my life. Hui seems to be gracefully moving along with the best staff we have had. The puppies, all four of them spend the days lingering and hanging out on my porch at my feet. They are ten weeks old yesterday, and for […]

Fullness of this moment

In the buzz of this morning I’m reminded to take it all in feel it fully be with the life around and in me be again with the fullness insight arises I linger in the fullness of this moment and then and then let it go.

America at Home- Bronwyn in the garden

This past year I was involved with the America at Home project and this photo ran in it.  Recently this image appeared on the Martha Stewart show. At the time of this assignment, I knew they would choose this photo. For most of that summer,  Bronwyn slept in the garden to protect her plants from […]

Path of excitement

Sometimes I wonder what is the result of this personal pondering. I want to simplify and understand what I naturally do in my life and in my photography.  How can I share what I have practiced for so long and make it addressable to those friends I teach and others I encounter? Lately I have […]

“More than one right answer”

    So here I am again, back to looking and musing with these images that have chosen my attention. Today, I’m focused on Ierusalems Hou church in Halawa Valley, at the east end of Molokai. I’m chewing on how I photograph the same subject in different ways.  One of the notions that Dewitt and […]

Full gamut

    Today, I photographed great friend, Flint in the Hui pool. Actually, I was really interested in his new tattoo that took months to do. This image is so personal to him and symbolizes his spiritual path and, in fact his life. The carp’s struggle through the rapids, tells of man’s quest for enlightenment […]

Resurrecting old friends

  Since the photo workshop, with the lawns cut, the electrical fixed, I have been scanning some of my old Kodachrome slides that are about 40 years old.  For years I have been an advocate for the ‘the moment’ as the greatest gift in the process of seeing and connecting to the life around us.  […]


Here we sit again on the porch, hopefully quenched, at least full from a week of wonderful sharing, encouraging and witnessing our photographic process.  Like a gardener watching his plants, I feel this year will be a bumper crop ready to be harvested in each of your lives.   This week is about fertilizer – […]