Beautiful healing moments

I’m off tomorrow for knee replacement surgery. Most everything caught up in my life. Hui seems to be gracefully moving along with the best staff we have had. The puppies, all four of them spend the days lingering and hanging out on my porch at my feet. They are ten weeks old yesterday, and for me such a joy. The past Hui photo workshop was one of the best I have participated in . The trust and intimate friendships it fostered inspired me so much. Not to mention the incredible photos we took together. They were enough to feed my creative energies for a while. So I hold the incredible fullness of my life very dearly, and it gives me strength to move into the kind of scarey up coming events. I’ll be thinking of this incredible morning on the shelf at Ka’ehu Point were Mother Molokai revealed so much of her beauty to us. In the alignment of this brief interlude, I could immerse myself completely in this pageant. For me this was healing, revealing, affirming, and living fully in the moment. How wonderful to be able to share this with a group of photographers.  This simple photo is just a reminder of such fullness and connection that arouse in me. It will carry me through the difficulties that arrive in the next week. All of you who were there and got up so early, thank you for participatong and helping all of us to show up. A hui hou.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful healing moments

  1. Theresa Airey

    Hey Bear: It was indeed a wonder-full week and I am also inspired and rejuvenated. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and the beauty of Molokai. The Hui is so special.
    I am sending you good ju ju for a very successful knee operation. Much love and hugs, Theresa

  2. Melony Price-Rhodes

    Wishing you a successful and speedy recovery from the surgery. Have thought of you all week as you were preparing for this. May the doctors have great success with their operation. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
    A hui hou and malama Pono!!!! Aloha!

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